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Contains frequently asked question about the CCR’s and the HOA in general

Q: Can I have a garage/yard sale whenever I want to?

yardsaleA: As a Homeowners Association, we will provide at least one designated date per year when the entire development will be allowed to have a garage sale. More people attend your sale when your neighbor’s are having one as well anyway! Outside of this, it is not permitted to have your own individual garage sale as shown below in the CC&R excerpt:

Garage, Yard Sales. No lot owner shall hold or permit to be held any Garage, yard or similar sale on any lot except during such periods of time established by the Board or any committee the Board may establish to be responsible for such sales. The Board or the responsible committee shall set time periods during which garage or yard sales may be held; provided, however, that there shall be no more than two (2) such periods each calendar year and each period shall not exceed four (4) days.

Q: What are the restrictions to parking my RV, Boat, or?

A: The excerpt from the CC&R’s below lists the restrictions for parking, storage, and activities regarding these types of recreational vehicles. Permits for parking with regard to visiting family, relatives, friends, etc. can be obtained from the ACC or it’s authorized representative so they may visit and park at your residence without restriction.

Section 9.11:  Limitation on Storage of Vehicles – Temporary Permits for RV’s. Except as hereinafter expressly provided, the Lots, Common Areas and/or streets located on the Properties shall not be used for the storage and/or overnight parking of any vehicle other than private family automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and commercial vehicles operated by a person residing at the Lot (provided that such commercial vehicles contain a single rear axle). Boats, boat trailers, house trailers, campers, trucks, trucks with a camper, or other recreational vehicles or similar object may not be stored and/or parked overnight on any part of the Properties, except as specified herein.

No inoperable vehicles of any kind shall be parked, stored, maintained, or constructed on any lot or street unless stored in a garage. Lot Owner’s may store a commercial vehicle (that exceeds the size restriction described above), boat, boat trailer, house trailer, camper, truck with camper or other recreational vehicle or similar object on the Lot in the event that it is screened from the view with at a minimum a six foot fence according to standard fence detail. Any screening constructed by a Lot Owner for the purpose of this section must be approved before construction by the ACC in the manner provided in Article 9, Section 9.5.

Q: Can I put up a Sign on my property?

A: Yes! In 2019 the HOA made an amendment allowing for 1 (one) security sign per lot, not to exceed 11 inches by 11 inches, to be placed in a prominent location in front of the house or adjacent to the driveway.

Section 9.9: Limitation on Signs.

No signs of any kind, nor for any uses shall be erected, posted, painted or displayed on any Lot in this, subdivision whatsoever, except; (1 ) public notice by a political division of the state or county or as required by law; (2) any builder or the builder’s agent may erect and display signs during the period the builder is building and selling property in the subdivision; (3) any Lot Owner or the Lot Owners agent wishing to sell or lease the Owners Lot may place a sign not larger than 900 square inches on the property itself; and (4) during regular political campaigns, any Owner may display political signs not larger than 900 square inches cumulatively for all such signs displayed an his Lot, provided said signs shall be removed the day following the election for which they are displayed; and (5) one security sign per lot, not to exceed 11 inches by 11 inches, to be placed in a prominent location in front of the house or adjacent to the driveway.

Q: Can I rent out my home? What are the rules?

A: Renting your home is permitted but must be within the following guidelines from the CC&R’s and the leasee would be bound by the same rules and regulations that govern the HVR HOA community as a whole:

Section 14.11: Renting,Leasing.
No Lot Owner shall be permitted to rent or lease his or her lot or any building thereon for any purpose, except for residential purposes for periods of not less than six (6) months. All rental and lease agreements shall be in writing and shall provide that the terms of such agreements shall be subject in all respects to the provisions of this declaration and the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws of the association. Any failure by the tenant or lessee to comply with the terms of such documents shall constitute a default under such agreements. Other than the foregoing, there are no restrictions on the right of a Lot Owner to rent or lease his or her lot.

Q: How do I run for office on the Board or ACC?

A: Elections for officers takes place each year in November. Usually ballots with the roster of candidates are mailed to the community or a general meeting is called at which time the election takes place.

Besides being a member in good standing within the High Valley Ranch community and have membership in the HOA as referenced in RCW 64.38.015, just send an email to [email protected]. You will be added to the roster for candidates in the next election!

Q: What are the rules for Animals?

A: In addition to the obvious county and city ordinances (such as leash laws, picking up your animal’s feces and disposing of properly),  the following rules apply to the care and animals within the High Valley Ranch community:

Section 9.8: Limitation on Animals. No animal, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any Lot, except dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept if they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose. They shall not be kept in numbers or under conditions reasonably objectionable in a closely built-up residential community. Animals shall not be allowed to roam loose outside the limits of any Lot on which they are kept. Any dogs must be kept so as to minimize excessive noise from barking or otherwise shall be considered a nuisance according to the terms of this Declaration.

Section 14.1: Maintenance of Animals. Additionally, in single-family dwelling units, not more than two (2) domestic dogs and/or cats and caged pet birds may be kept within the dwelling, provided said dogs, cats and pet birds are not permitted to run at large. Pets shall be registered, licensed, and inoculated as required by law. Each Lot ­Owner shall be responsible for cleaning up any excrement or other unclean or unsanitary condition caused by any animal of such lot owner or his or her guests or tenants. When not in the yard all animals must be on a leash being held by a person capable of controlling the animal.

Q: What are the Dues?

A: Every year the Home Owner’s Association collects dues for the purpose of administrating the High Valley Ranch HOA and maintaining our community. Dues are $300 per year.  Dues are due by April 1st each year.

Some of the costs covered are:

  • Insurance
  • Common Area/Sign maintenance
  • Retention/Overflow Pond maintenance
  • Advertising
  • Events
  • Administration
  • Taxes
  • Enforcement

When dues are not paid by April 1st, voting rights are suspended and the following CC&R rules are followed:

Section 8.2: Delinquency. If any assessment is not paid within in thirty (30) days after its due date, the assessment shall bear interest from said date at twelve percent (12%) or in the event that; twelve percent (12%) exceeds the maximum amount of interest that can becharged by law, then the highest permissible rate as provided for by law. A rate charge of five percent (5%) of the amount overdue shall be charged for any payment more than fifteen (15) days past due. Each Member hereby expressly grants to the Association, or its agents, the authority to bring all actions against each Member personally for the collection of such assessments as a debt and to enforce lien rights of the Association by all methods for the enforcement of such liens, including foreclosure by an action brought in the name of the Association in a like manner as a mortgage of real property, and such Member hereby expressly grants to the Association the power of sale in connection with such liens. The liens provided for in this section shall be in favor of the Association, and shall be for the benefit of the Association. The Association shall have the power to bid at a foreclosure sale and to acquire, hold, lease, mortgage and convey any Lot obtained by the Association.

Q: Do I have to take care of the easements around my Lot?

A: The easements and drainage around our lots are our responsibility to maintain not only as a member of the HOA, but in likewise as a homeowner within Snohomish County. The following is part of the reference in our CC&R’s. Refer to Section 6.2 for further explanation:

Section 6.2: Standard of Maintenance -Lots and Planting Strips. Each Lot Owner hereby covenants and agrees to maintain his respective Lot (including as a part of said Lot the Planting Strip located between the street and the sidewalk adjacent to the Owners respective Lot, if any), and the Housing Unit located thereon, in the same condition as a reasonably prudent homeowner would maintain his own home so that the Real Property will reflect a high pride of ownership. Each Lot Owner shall perform the maintenance and upkeep on any drainage swales and/or under- ground drain lines and catch basins installed by the” Developer on their Lot which are servicing the-yard drainage needs on more than one Lot.

Q: How do I get approval for a change or addition?

A: The following is the preferred process for communication. It will save you time and expenses and allow us to reply in a quick manner:

  1. Create your plan, being as specific as possible using this format ACC Request Form 
  2. Send the plan to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) at the following email address: Architectural Control Committee (ACC)