About High Valley Ranch

High Valley Ranch HOA is the Homeowner’s Association active within the High Valley Ranch community in Everett, WA. HOA meetings are always open and typically take place once a month. The High Valley Ranch Homeowner’s Association conducts the business of the High Valley Ranch community, providing the planning, management, and administration of community rules & regulations, dues, taxes, and events.

  • The High Valley Ranch community consists of forty-eight homes in the South East Snohomish area overlooking the Snohomish Valley.
  • Elections for officers take place in November of each year.
  • High Valley Ranch HOA dues are usually Sent out on April 1st and due within 30 days each year. Dues are re-evaluated and set each year.

Your current 2023 Board members are:

President: Paula G.
Vice President:
Secretary: Michelle P.
Treasurer: Kimberly L.
Architectural Control Committee: Shawn E.

High Valley Ranch Home Owner’s Association
c/o 11415 53rd Ave SE
Everett, WA 98208